Why investing in a CanCraft Mini was a great decision for our business

by AndyR
2 years ago

MD Engineering - Cancraft MiniElements Brewery, based in the Cotswolds were one of the first customers of our CanCraft Mini launched last year.

Now they have had time to settle in with their new piece of kit and see the benefits, they were happy to answer our questions and share their feedback to date.

When Elements Brewery first came to us back in September 2019, they were looking for a UK manufacturer of a semi-automatic canning facility, under £25k, with a small footprint and proven industry experience.

Why did you choose to go with MD Engineering?
“We struggled to find locally manufactured canning systems under 25k and wondered if we had to look abroad. Thankfully we came across MD engineering who offered a system that ticked all the boxes. Their commitment and pre-sales support confirmed to us that we were in safe hands. Our final decision to go with MD Engineering was definitely the team behind the product”

How was the installation process?
“The pre-installation checklist and discussions beforehand were very useful. Installation day went well, and the engineers went out of their way to get additional fittings on the day. Equipment testing and commissioning was thorough and engineers very knowledgeable and tidy”

How have you found the post installation customer care/follow up?
“Account management staff and engineers have both been very diligent in following up with issues or concerns. We have never felt unsupported.”

How are you finding your new piece of machinery?
“It’s certainly a talking point amongst visitors. Setup and clean down are straight forward and operationally its manageable with 1 staff and a doddle with 2”

How has the new equipment improved your processes?
“Moving from contract to in house canning has meant huge strides and benefits to the business. Quality control has been bought back into the brewery and in our hands and can package in smaller batches if needed.”