Why Canning your drink is such a good idea!

by David Hallas
2 years ago

Over the years we have witnessed the massive rise in canning.  Whilst craft ale has led this in the drinks industry, it is no longer confined to beer.   Wine manufacturers are cottoning onto the benefits of putting their drinks in a can and we are receiving more and more enquiries for our canning machines from soft drink companies who also appreciate the benefits of canning.

Whilst here at MD Engineering HQ we could talk about the wonders of canning ad infinitum – we don’t want to bore you! – so have chosen our Top 5 Benefits of Canning:

  1. Cans screen the damaging effects of light.  Brown glass bottles are better than green or clear bottles, but light can still penetrate through brown glass. (Did you know that top end olive oils are regularly shipped in cans instead of glass for this very reason)
  2. Cans are air-tight and hermetically sealed, preventing oxygen from damaging the beer.
  3. Cans are 100% recyclable and they can be recycled indefinitely.
  4. Cans are much lighter than bottles, requiring less fuel to ship them – another benefit for the environment
  5. Cans are safer than glass as they don’t break – and consumers love them as cans are allowed a lot of places glass isn’t.

If you are interested in chatting to one of our team about canning and our machines, please do give us a call on 0113 287 0081.