MD Packaging Solutions are specialist suppliers of affordable canning solutions, tailor made processing tanks and keg equipment.

We supply products that use innovative technology and are built to the highest quality standards by globally operating, recognised and admired manufacturers.

We can provide advice, support and affordable solutions to work with your budget.

Keg Processing

A bit of up-to-the-minute keg tech can make all the difference to how a brewery operates. We specialise in providing the right keg for the job, available as fully- or semi-automated systems matched to your requirements, always factoring in adaptability and scalability.


We cater for everything from single head washing and filling machines to entire production plants, so whether your business is pint-sized, colossal or somewhere in-between, we never do things by halves.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the world, as with MD Packaging Solutions you might just get it.

Our keg equipment range is extensive, including but not limited to:

  • Cap/inventory control
  • Decappers
  • Spear tighteners
  • KEG check weigh
  • Residual pressure testers
  • Capper
  • Labeller
  • Flash pasteurisers
  • CIP plant
  • Buffer vessels
  • Process pipework


Our engineers are a think tank that thinks tank, producing optimised solutions for breweries of all shapes and sizes. Supplying superior stainless-steel tanks for the maturation, carbonation and fermentation of the frothy stuff, we’re ready to focus on your precise specifications and requirements.

With all equipment built in accordance to ASME standards and supplied with relevant CE certification, we can provide your business with dual purpose vessels, pressure vessels and vacuum tanks faster than you can say “Mine’s a pint!”

As with each of our services, we want to give you exactly what you need, so we’re always ready to listen to your needs and cater to strict budgets and timeframes.