Invest in The Future

by AndyR
3 years ago

Why invest in an apprentice? Studies show that 80% of businesses who employed apprentices, found that their productivity had increased. David Hallas, Director of MD Engineering mentions “Bringing in apprentices, brings a fresh new; innovative way of thinking. They also help to build a sustainable future for the business as they mould and grow within it.”

MD Engineering has one new apprentice and another who is doing on the job training around his college studies. James Roberts 18 and Lewis Carter 16 both participated in an interview discussing their time here at MD.

Having an apprentice on site not only gives MD a fresh perspective on the the way we do things, but it also gives them the chance to offer a young person a career path. Both James and Lewis note “We enjoy working in this environment on a daily basis, this role gives us the opportunity to progress into our career without the debt from university.”

Finding a young person with the passion to work is one thing, but then helping them develop their skills and using them to develop and improve themselves and the company is truly special. We believe in developing and bettering the future for not just the company but for our employees too.

James who is currently in his 3rd year at Wakefield College Castleford, explains “I am studying fabrication and welding level 2. My future goal is to become a fully qualified fabricator and welder, then I can manage my own shop. The apprenticeship is both educational and enjoyable, it gives me the hands-on experience to reach my career goals.”

Lewis has recently started his college course at the Wakefield College Castleford campus, he is currently studying Mechanical engineering Level 2. Lewis explains “After I’ve finished my course, I hope to complete a full apprenticeship here at MD. They give the opportunity to progress into the career I want. Following this I’d like to be a lead design engineer.”

Learning whilst earning seems to be the way forward, as the majority of youths don’t want the debt that comes along with university.

Here at MD we believe passionately in investing in a young person’s future, we not only make it bright for them, but they make it bright for us too.