Introducing our NEW Half Stack Depal

by David Hallas
2 years ago

Introducing our NEW Half Stack Depal

Many people use the start of a New Year to look at things in their business afresh.

It’s a time for reviewing what went well for you last year – and particularly during the mad busy Christmas season.

Could it be easier next time? We like to think we can help out with that!

Our Depal machine can save you time on many levels whether you are canning, bottling – or both.  Here’s how….

  1. Fully automated lift and sweep for both cans and bottles
  2. Fully automated layer removal
  3. Can switch between cans and bottle within minutes.  It is literally a simple 2-minute job of adjusting sensors and transfer plates
  4. Can accommodate all sizes of cans and bottles – again just with a simple sensor adjustment

What’s more it can be incorporated into any existing line.

Worried about space?  Then our BRAND NEW Half Depal would be the perfect solution for you.  All of the benefits – but half the size!

Have a look at the full spec HERE.  And watch our NEW Half Depal in action HERE