5 minutes with… David Hallas

by AndyR
2 years ago

5 minutes with… David Hallas

What’s your role at MD?

Best part of the job?
I absolutely love our innovative approach to solving problems. We have done some pretty cutting-edge stuff that I am really proud of.

Worst part of the job?
When we get it wrong! We all make mistakes and we learn from them, that’s the game in product development. It just doesn’t feel great at the time!

What would you be doing if you weren’t working at MD?
Strange, but I’ve always had a little interest in law so perhaps a lawyer?

What’s the weirdest drink you’ve ever drank?
A long time ago some Bulgarian delicacy with the texture of a milkshake. Lost in translation but, I believe it contained sheep’s brains. It wasn’t very nice!

What’s your motto?
Carpe Diem, need I say more?

The best invention you’ve ever seen
Smart phone obvs!

Beer or soft drink?

What inspires you?
Bit of a cliché but, when we present a solution to a customer and they get it. It’s the look on their face at that time that really inspires me.

Your favourite drink in a can?
It changes but at the moment I am partial to Magic Rock’s High Wire, the flavours are great.